Voyage Pack

Boutique South America Voyage Pack

We want to give you extra value when travelling so every traveller with Boutique South America receives some bonus goodies to help them as they travel as a reward for booking with us.

Your Voyage pack has been created in partnership with No More Ugly Camera Bags and Jetsettr travel accessories company to offer you a stylish yet practical collection of travel accessories to enhance your South American experien

Boutique South America Voyage packs vary depending on what type of traveller you are a Build It Yourself (BIY), Custom Traveller or Bespoke Traveller.

All BIY packages come with a quality leather travel wallet with your Personalised Travel Docs per booking plus a one luggage tag to keep your bags standing out from the rest.

All Custom Travel  packages include a quality leather travel wallet, one luggage tag per person plus a stylish medium size travel/camera bag per booking.

Bespoke Travellers get even more special accessories with a quality leather travel wallet per booking, one luggage tag per person including a special vintage South America label plus a large weekender style travel/camera bag to use throughout your journey.

Your Voyage Pack will arrive with plenty of time for you to get organised and packed before you head on holiday. The best thing about all the components of your voyage pack is that all items are of superior quality, durable and can be used again and again after you return. (Even though we love our branding, you shouldn’t have to feel icky about using your accessories when you arrive back home so we keep our logos and labels to a minimum.)

And you’ll also receive a personalised set of Travel Docs because when you book travel you really shouldn’t be printing out your own documentation.

Boutique South America voyage pack tags and wallet

Quality leather travel wallets to fit your Travel Docs, passports and paperwork. (One per booking, luggage tag dependent on Travel Style.)

Boutique South America Voyage Pack Travel bag

The weekender style No More Ugly Camera/Travel Bag can comfortably fit a DSLR camera and some lenses as well as serving as an all round great every day bag for your travels. (One per Bespoke Journey booking.)


The small travel bag with your BIY package can still fit a DSLR camera as well as any other essentials. (One per Custom Travel Package booking, accessories and camera not included.)