Visas & Vaccinations

South America Visas and Vaccinations

Australian travellers will need to be aware of and observe the regulations for entry into each country in South America they will be travelling to as well as health recommendations.

If travelling to several South American countries in the one trip (multi-country travel,) you will need to check the requirements for each particular nation to ensure a hassle free experience when crossing borders and going through customs.

South American Visas

Each South American nation will have different requirements in relation to whether they require entry visas or how they will process your stay in its borders.

Some South American countries will require visas for all tourists while others only in the situation of business travel or other circumstances. Certain countries will allow free passage for a certain number of days for travellers whilst others may have ‘reciprocity fees’ that need to be paid before entering or as you arrive.

It is essential that travellers follow the procedures to avoid situations such as delays at immigration points or being denied boarding onto a flight into a country or deportation (as a worst case scenario.)

To find out more about which South American visas you may require as you travel in countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia & Peru click here.

South American vaccinations

Essential Machu Picchu Guide DoctorDifferent health precautions and recommendations exist for travellers to South America from other countries in order to minimise or contain the spread of disease.

Some of these precautions are optional (such as taking medication for altitude sickness) and designed to help make your experience more comfortable.

In other cases, injections such as Yellow Fever are mandatory when visiting certain countries to avoid sustaining disease.

These precautions will vary from country to country and especially will be based on what your country of residence dictates. For a full list of recommended South American injections & health advice for countries in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador & Peru and other health advice visit here.