Introduction to South America

Ever wondered what travelling to South America is all about? Or have you already spent hours researching and are a bit overwhelmed by all there is to see in South America and how to fit this into your travel plans?

We’ve put together a basic travel guide – Introduction to South America to help get you started towards making South America your next travel adventure.

Boutique South America continent in your hands

Your Introduction to South America features:

– A country by country travel guide of attractions and places to visit (32 attractions across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru)

– A profile of major cities and what you can see and do there

– Recommended staying times for each place

– An easy to work through Travel Wishlist

After you read and work through the Introduction to South America, you will develop a sound overview of the best sites for travellers and enough general knowledge to start planning your trip. Your completed wishlist is ideal to take to your travel agent or use it yourself as a basis for booking your arrangements.

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At Boutique South America it is our mission to inspire and educate travellers about the wonders of South America. We believe that knowledgeable travellers make better, more informed decisions about their travel plans and are less likely to miss out on the most incredible life changing experiences.

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