Tour Choices

Your tour choices with Boutique South America

Every tour or activity in a different place is a new possibility to expand your world.

We value this concept and strongly believe that there is more than just one way to experience the best of South America’s  fascinating cities and attractions. With access to an incredible range of excursions to that will appeal to different tastes and interests, we are committed to offering much more than just the ‘standard city tour.’

Based on our knowledge of the continent and industry expertise, we balance the un-missable must sees of the continent  with enough freedom for you to personalise your travel package according to your interest and preferences.

As part of every packaged experience you will have various opportunities to ‘travel on your terms,’ to choose what you would like to do on particular days or afternoons from a curated selection of options.

We don’t just offer tours, we offer possibilities.

We understand what makes each area and attraction unique and have hand picked excursions and activities designed to enhance your overall experience, whether this is sampling the local food or drink, learning about and taking part in an age old tradition or simply taking the views in from a different perspective.

Led by trusted local guides who can add their first hand insight and perspective, most excursions are exclusive for you and your travel partner, so you can explore at a comfortable pace. Some tours however are designed to be taken in a group setting and will be labelled as ‘shared’ experiences.

So prepare yourself to explore South America with us in a whole different way. 

From as early as the research and planning stages, we want you to immerse yourself in the culture and surrounding beauty of South America. Find your own way, explore the possibilities in each place, design your own journey.