Service Agreement

Service Agreement and conditions:

Payment of deposit indicates acceptance of the following conditions:

Trading Names – Boutique South America is a trading name of Experience Based Travel Pty. Ltd.

Pricing Policy: All prices on website are based on US Dollars and are indicative of final price and remain subject to confirmation. Boutique South America strives for accuracy in presenting prices however this is sometimes out of our control due to factors such as seasonal /holiday rates/conference and group bookings or high demand periods that can increase prices or require minimum night stays during proposed package times. Boutique South America will inform customers of any changes/increases and enforce these on behalf of our suppliers.

Prices are inclusive of the cost of research of travel products, consultation time with clients and suppliers, time and cost spent confirming and reconfirming arrangements with overseas suppliers, processing documentation and marketing costs and merchant and banking fees.

Booking Procedure: Payment of deposit indicates acceptance of Boutique South America’s Service Agreement Terms and Conditions. 1. Security deposit of 30% is required place your booking and for BSA to secure arrangements on your behalf. 2. Subsequent deposits may be necessary to confirm cruises, lodges or hotels are peak travel times at the discretion of our suppliers and Boutique South America will advise clients of this and the required deadlines. BSA takes no responsibility for failing to confirm arrangements if clients miss necessary payment deadlines. 3. Boutique South America will book flights, hotels and arrangements based on information (names, dates of birth and passport details) supplied at time of booking. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise of any changes to this information as soon as possible to avoid any financial costs associated with updating this information, such as costs of rebooking flights or arrangements and related administration fees. 4. In relation to flights, Boutique South America will inform the customer of these pricing but because of the changing nature of flights and tax amounts, clients will be given the option to pay for their flights to issue them and secure these costs. 5. Boutique South America will advise of final payment dates (this is usually 60 days prior to departure however can be up to 90 days depending on the products purchased) and ask for client’s acceptance of final service agreement. 5. If we cannot confirm arrangements as per website, we will strive to confirm a suitable alternative or standard and in the case the new hotel is cheaper or more expensive than our package price, we will increase or decrease our pricing to reflect any changes. If the client is not happy with the alternatives, they are under no obligation to continue with our services.

Insurance: It is a condition of placing your booking that you ensure that you are adequately insured for the duration of your trip. This includes emergency evacuation cover. We strongly recommend that travel insurance be purchased at the time or close to payment of deposit to protect against cancellation fees etc. Boutique South America or its affiliates may provide general information and advice in relation to travel insurance however the responsibility for purchasing adequate cover and choice of travel insurance provider remains at the discretion of the client.

Cancellations and refunds: In the event you need to cancel you must notify BSA in writing as soon as possible of your intention. Penalties will be applied as follows:

Before accepting service confirmation: No fee

After accepting service confirmation: US$550 + any penalties imposed by suppliers

Within 60 days of departure: 50% of total booking fee (plus any penalties imposed by suppliers)

Within 30 days of departure: 100% of total booking fee

After travel has commenced: No refund

Refunds remain at the discretion of BSA and may be higher depending on specific supplier policies such as fare and cruise/hotel cancellation penalties. Cancellation fees are subject to change depending on supplier costs and if they are more than stipulated, will be adjusted to cover the penalties of any services contracted on your behalf. Cancellation penalties will be imposed in order to cover the cost of time and resources spent arranging, quoting, requesting, confirming, and rechecking all your arrangements before you commence your travel.

Emergencies: In cases of strikes, or natural or medical emergencies that develop whilst clients are travelling, passengers should follow the advice and guidelines set by BSA’s suppliers on the ground in order to find the best solution to resume their travels. Any additional expenses are not the responsibility of BSA or its representatives in South America and will need to be borne by the clients with a travel insurance claim lodged on their return.

Amendments: After confirmation stage, should any amendments including revising dates or rescheduling arrangements already held, an administrative penalty of $30 will be applied at the discretion of BSA.

Limitations: BSA is a specialist tour operator and does not arrange accommodation with tour or transfer services. BSA also does not sell airfares without arranging land services.

Itinerary variations: It is possible that route or itinerary changes may become necessary due to unforeseen circumstances beyond BSA’s control. BSA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule tour departures and itineraries where necessary and substitute accommodation of a similar standard where necessary. BSA will not be liable for refund in the case of last minute or emergency itinerary variations.

Airline Responsibility: Airlines shown on this website do not by virtue of their endorsement of this website represent themselves either as contracting with any purchase of a holiday from BSA or as having any other legal relationship with any such purchaser. Because of the changing nature of airfares, the cost of flights and air taxes will not be guaranteed until ticketed. Prompt payment to issue fares usually avoids any increases.

Responsibility: Experience Based Travel Pty. Ltd., incorporated in Victoria and trading as Boutique South America, operators of the packages that appear on this website, give notice that they act in the capacity of booking agents for the tour member in all matters of transportation, tour operation, accommodation and other services. Experienced Based Travel Pty. Ltd., its directors, representatives, in the absence of their own negligence, or subsidiaries and/or associated agents shall not be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for property loss or damage and/or damages resulting from illness, personal injuries or death which may be sustained by reason of, or during any tour, whether due to the ownership, maintenance or operation of ay aircraft, vehicle, bicycle, boat, hotel or any other conveyance used in carrying out these tours. These terms extend to any employees of BSA.


  1. Find the package that interests you and covers your interests.
  2. Personalise this package or request this through our online website.
  3. Fill in your correct details and create account.
  4. One arrangements are held for you, pay 30% deposit to secure your trip.
  5. Pay your final balance, 60 or 90 days before departure.

All set to go!