South America for Seniors

Australian travellers are flocking to South America for their holidays with interest in the continent booming after the World Cup held in Brazil in 2014.

With the glamorous and scenic city Rio de Janeiro to host the Olympic Games in August 2016, there has never been a better time to start thinking about travel to South America as your next holiday destination.

There are many things to consider before planning or researching a trip to South America; where to go, what to see, how much time and or money to spend on it are just some factors that will come to travellers’ minds. Answering all of these questions could could easily take hours of reading or researching in guidebooks or on the web, and even discussing with friends or travel agents who have holidayed there before who can give their recommendations can take some time.

And that’s even before considering any special needs or assistance you may need. There is fantastic freedom in being able to travel in your mature years but there are some particulars that come with it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly digest enough information about travelling to South America so that you could feel confident in taking the next steps to make it happen? Would fast forwarding through the research and planning stages to booking ready in a matter of days be useful?

That’s where the South America for Seniors Guide to South America can help.


South America Tours for Seniors



The Seniors Guide to South America is a 4 part tool that will take you from novice about South America to Savvy Traveller in a matter of days.

Each day you will receive knowledge mail containing an easy to understand information that every traveller should be familiar with before heading to South America for a holiday.

Every module comes in a easy to use, interactive format to help you master an aspect of travel planning to South America and after 4 days you will have enough expertise to confidently start booking your holiday.


The South America for Senior Guide covers four important stages of research and planning: Stage 1: Initial inspiration – A visual guide of what travellers should see in Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador. Stage 2: Choose & Cull – Undertake additional research and and start narrowing down which destinations you want (From more than 30 popular attractions) Stage 3: Savvy Senior Travel – A guide of things every senior should be aware of before travelling to South America plus bonus Checklist Stage 4: Stand Out South America – A list of the special attractions or activities in South America you could choose from to add a distinct flavour to your adventures. This is your ideal companion before you’ve even started or to use as the blueprint for booking your holiday to South America: for some distinct, off the well worn track activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I WANT TO KNOW