Exotic Lands Beyond Compare: Ecuador

Your ticket to paradise awaits you in Ecuador. Travel to this special geographic location ensures that no adventure is out of reach. Your Ecuador travel will take you anywhere from pristine beaches, volcanic mountain ranges, the bio-diverse Amazonas region, or the exotic Galapagos Islands. The only choice you will need to make is the level of adventure you want to experience.

Quito: Historic Ecuador Travel with charm

The beautiful capital city of Quito will be your base to venture out to nearby locations for activities in the Galapagos Islands or the Andes Mountains or Amazon. In Quito you will find old-world architectural buildings and monuments, particularly the historic district, referred to as ‘the old town.’

Galapagos Islands: A Darwinian Experience


White sand beaches and turquoise waters beckon travellers with of one nature’s most diverse ecological habitats, the Galapagos Islands. As the World’s second largest nature reserve, Galapagos is teeming with various species of birds and marine life and best of all, they are unafraid of humans so you can get closer to them than possibly anywhere in the world.

Ecuador Amazon: Take a Jungle Escapade

The Amazonas region of Ecuador enchants with the harmonious connection between forest and rivers. Cruising along the Amazon Napo River or staying in an ecolodge offers you a unique insight into some of the region’s many lagoons and wetlands, where you will cross paths with various flora and fauna, species of reptiles and birds for the ultimate jungle experience.

Region of the Volcanoes Ecuador: Sleeping Giants Await

The best way to visit some 84 identified volcanoes is to take one of the various trails or routes that wind through the region. Ride a train through these mountains or stay at an hacienda in a charming Andean towns to take in the majesty of snow-capped volcanoes such as Cotopaxi from a distance.

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