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A Land of Riches Far Beyond Gold

Well-known for its ties to the mystical legend of El Dorado, the treasures hidden in Colombia’s varied terrain today are as rich as its Arabica. If it’s ancient wonders you seek, the influence of the Tayrona civilization still breathes in its architecture and people. You’ll discover a diversity of landscapes for Colombia tours, from the colourful Caribbean coast to the quaint, hillside villages of Zona Cafetera hugged by the snow-capped Andes, to the vibrant colonial gem of Cartagena.


The Resurgent Capital City of Bogotá

The third-highest capital city in the world, Bogotá, is a welcome juxtaposition to its serene surroundings of snowy mountain peaks, crystalline lakes and the unique páramo plains. The city is re-emerging as a vibrant destination for Colombia tours where new restaurants, hotels and craft breweries welcome visitors to experience a renewed spirit.


Ancient Ruins Among the Andean Clouds

Colombia tours to the Andes Region take you above cloud forests to the ruins of ancient cities. The dense jungles of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta reveal the Tayrona capitol, Ciudad Perdida, which predates Machu Picchu by some 650 years. Marvel at 500 life-sized statues sprawling across the countryside in San Agustin. The expansive Los Llanos tropical grasslands at the foot of the Andes, known as the Serengeti of South America, are a must-see for nature lovers.


Wake Up in Coffee Country

The coffee triangle, otherwise know as Zona Cafetera, is alive with lush coffee plantations and flower farms. Local haciendas welcome travellers after a coffee themed Colombia tour in the charming, picturesque towns of Armenia, Pereira, and Manizales.Thrill your palate with a sip of the world’s most coveted coffee as many plantations, or fincas, have been in the same families for centuries and are happy to share their love of the grain.


Colombia Tours Colonial & Caribbean

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the city of Cartagena is a dreamlike place. Step back in time in the old town with cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and stunning sunsets that inspire romance. Just outside the city, the turquoise Caribbean offers travellers tranquil beaches under swaying palms only a day trip away.


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