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Chile is one of the most geographically diverse countries on Earth. Whether you are seeking new heights or the lure of ancient cultures, you will find it in Chile. Travel to the Northern Atacama Desert, featuring one of the World’s driest climates, or Southern Patagonia offering the serene beauty of blue glaciers, resting on the edge of Antarctica. Trek through the trails of the Andes one day and then go and relax by the waves of the Pacific the next. If it is a rich cultural experience that you seek, there are many alluring options such as the bustling capitol Santiago, the colourful coastal city of Valparaíso, or the magic of Easter Island where stone moai await your arrival. Start planning your Chile travel adventure today and check out the list of the Top Things to Do in Chile.

Santiago: A Modern Capital, Rich with Tradition


Featuring the majestic background of the Andes, this bustling city offers walkable avenues teeming with top-notch restaurants, bars and nightlife. Santiago offers easy access to many diverse towns and quick trips to both the beach and mountains. Choose to see the historical sites of Santiago, including the home of poet Pablo Neruda, or choose a tour of nearby world-renowned wineries that dot the foothills of the Andes.

Atacama: Splendid Colours of the Desert

El Norte Grande presents travellers with gifts of its many natural wonders. From geysers that shoot steam sky-high in the early morning sun, to the vastness of the salt flats mocked by towering snow-capped volcanoes, the Atacama sights should not be missed.  Spend the day hiking or horseback riding through the shape-shifting colours of desert formations. Then find your oasis in one of the many quiet towns for great local cuisine under the stars.

Patagonia Chile: An Untouched, Infinite Glacial Wilderness

Ice fields and glaciers change from white to blue as they carve through the landscape.  Moss-covered forests abound in the North where rivers give way to waterfalls and fjords. Sail through the many caves or tunnels carved out by the water. Take a drink of Whiskey cooled by the ice of the ancient glaciers and visit with gauchos in centuries-old villages. Make Patagonia part of your Chile travel. See the Top 6 Things to Do in Patagonia.

Easter Island: An Island of Mystery and Ancient Lure

The Moai statues stand tall over the ruins of the ancient civilizations that built them. They invite visitors onto an isolated island of natural beauty containing the relics of the Rapa Nui who still live there today. Experience Polynesian influence in archaeological remains as well as the traditional dance and food of locals in Easter Island. At this “navel of the world”, volcanos overlook white sand beaches where the turquoise sea beckons divers and beach goers alike.

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