Brazil: A country in perpetual motion

Brazil is perhaps best known for its glimmering beaches, passionate love of football, and exotic Carnival celebrations; but there’s so much more of this country to be explored. As the largest country in South America, Brazil has a diversity that is unmatched by many of its neighbours, with natural beauty that cannot be ignored, world class modern cities, pristine and enviable beaches, a multifaceted culture with a colourful past as well as people whose infectious and warm spirit will be remembered long after your visit is over. A Brazil tour is definitely one that should not be rushed.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The most beautiful city in the world

There are many reasons Rio de Janeiro has the reputation that it does. It is a city that dances to the beat of Samba, known for its Carnival celebration and welcoming hospitality, where the mountains such as Corcovado and Sugarloaf meet the gorgeous coastline and beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Truly one of the world’s most scenic and playful cities, Rio de Janeiro is must as part of every Brazil tour.

São Paulo, Brazil: A metropolis of diversity

As the biggest metropolis in all of South America, Sao Paulo is a world class hub for all things urban with more than just a touch of its colonial past. You will find gorgeous 17th century architecture amid a cityscape of modern skyscrapers, some of the finest international cuisine plus traditional and cultural museums as well as different districts honouring the many waves of migration that have made this city the melting pot it is today.

Amazon, Brazil: A Rainforest Rich in Diversity

The North of Brazil encompasses the Amazonas region, promising visitors all of the sights and sounds of jungle life you would expect in the world’s largest rainforest. As well as the gateway to the eco-lodges and river cruises you can explore the rainforests with, the city of Manaus is culturally significant for its role in the historical rubber boom trade.

Salvador, Bahia: A Seaside City with Colonial Influence


Often considered the soul of Brazil, nowhere is the spirit of the country’s colonial past more prevalent than in Salvador de Bahia. There are so many sides of Salvador to explore, from scenic beaches, to the modern city but its essence is found in Pelourinho, the historical section of town that captures the Afro-Brazilian culture through its collection of beautifully preserved baroque buildings and the sounds of the drums that fill the air.

Iguassu Falls, Brazil: A heart-pounding spectacle

This thundering “Wonder of the World” unites three countries at its heart and the Brazilian side of these falls is unmissable. Any Brazil tour or even longer South American trip should include Foz do Iguassu for the ultimate panoramic view of the continent’s most spectacular, and one of the world’s most impressive waterfalls.

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