Bolivia is a landlocked country located in the very heart of South America that offers incredible diversity of landscapes and cultures.

Often referred to as the Tibet of the Americas because of its high altitude, Bolivia travel includes everything from the city life of La Paz and Sucre, the loneliness of the vast Salt Flats in Uyuni, the crystalline waters of Lake Titicaca, and tranquil colonial villages rich with history such as Potosi and Sucre.

La Paz: The Hidden City of Bolivia

La Paz lies high in the Andes and is the mystical administrative capital of Bolivia. Travel its streets to see the strength of indigenous traditions among its people in their everyday dress and even to the witches markets, head towards the fringes to see Moon Valley for some out of this world scenery or even venture to the surrounds of Coroico, home to the worlds most dangerous road.

The Salt Flats of Uyuni: Bolivia’s Breath-taking Expanses


Uyuni offers you the unparalleled spectacle of vast pure white salt flats and fluorescent coloured lakes, surrounded by giant volcanoes. These landscapes have inspired travellers for centuries and are even said to have been the muse for much of Salvador Dali’s surrealist work.

Bolivia Travel on Lake Titicaca: Pure Waters On Top of the World

Nestled between the borders of Peru and Bolivia sits this highest altitude lake in the world. The reflective waters of Lake Titicaca entice you to explore this body of water that is sacred in Inca mythology.

Potosi & Sucre, Bolivia: The Original Colonial Cities

Otherwise known as ‘la cuidad blanca’, a walk about Sucre provides the opportunity for you to take in the colonial influences that are still reflected in its architecture and local arts today. Nearby Potosi’s foundations arose from the silver mining industry where baroque churches and monasteries still stand in homage to the past.

Bolivia Travel & Tours

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