Boundless Natural Beauty, Cosmopolitan Culture

As the second-largest country in South America, Argentina travel offers many wondrous experiences. From the high north and scenic Salta, to the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires or the quiet serenity matched with spectacular landscapes of the Patagonia region, there is plenty to love about Argentina. Infused with strong traditions such as the tango, the passion for its history and football heritage, a love of hearty rich food and wine and absolutely awe inspiring natural wonders, for maximum impact, Argentina travel should not be rushed.

Buenos Aires: Cosmopolitan Capital by the Sea

The beautiful port city and capital of Buenos Aires beckons travellers with its metropolitan yet classic feel. The rhythm of the city is the tango, its flavour is as rich and robust as you will find in a world class steak at any restaurant and its style distinctly European like its buildings and architecture.

Iguazu Falls: An Argentina Travel Icon


If you’re impressed by one waterfall, the 275 you’ll find at Iguazu Falls will leave you breathless. Declared a New Natural Wonder of the World and arguably one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, an Iguazu experience is one of South America’s unmissable and incomparable experiences.

Patagonia Argentina: Paradise at the end of the world

Patagonia is as far south as you can venture in South America and is all about landscapes, scenery and serenity. Patagonia Argentina is extreme beauty at its most striking with vast desolate plains, snow-capped peaks, crystalline glacier lakes and what seem to be never ending forests. Patagonia Argentina has always been a hiker’s paradise but nowadays offers some great lodge stays and experiential activities for the soft adventure lover.

Mendoza Argentina: Your ultimate Grape Escape

At the gateway to the Andes, lies the birthplace of one of Argentina’s most delicious and prized exports, the wine variety Malbec. Steeped in the history of the region’s winemaking roots, Mendoza city or a stay at a nearby vineyard offers the traveller an oasis from the rugged landscape paired with lovely local cuisine and of course, exquisite wines.

Salta Argentina: High Country, High Culture

A city in the north of Argentina amongst the clouds, the high elevation of Salta and surrounds offers sites that will dazzle both body and mind. The north of Argentinais home to beautiful valleys, vast saltpans, colorful gorges, and traditional gaucho ranches. Explore the scenery in style and savour the local wines produced in the fertile pockets within this arid climate such as Cafayate.

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