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Amazon Tours: Where Nature Breathes Life


Nowhere on Earth can you experience the splendour of nature on its grandest scale than in the Amazon region. The Amazon rainforest spans over 7 million square km and 8 South American countries including over a third of the country of Brazil.
The nearly 4,000 mile-long Amazon River is fuelled by many tributaries in the Andes of Peru and winds its way, at an ever-changing pace, to empty into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil.
Amazon tours offer many splendid sights to behold from rare animal species to exotic flora and fauna and each country within the Amazon offers its own advantages and sightseeing opportunities that may include walking, hiking, biking, or river cruising tours.

Amazon Tours, Peru: Back to the Basins

Amazon tours in Peru offer many great options. In the north, the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve can be accessed by way of Iquitos. Tours to this northern region are favoured by those who prefer a more relaxed approach to visiting the Amazon with luxury cruises available for the fussiest of travellers. The more adventurous types will want to visit the southern region that includes Manu National Park and the Tambopata National Reserve. Tours to the southern amazon regions are easily combined with popular Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Ecuadorian Amazon Tours: From City to Jungle in No Time

Perhaps one of the best things about Amazon tours in Ecuador is that the region can be accessed fairly effortlessly from the capital city of Quito. Ecuadorian Amazon Tours will generally depart from the nearby towns of Tena, Lago Agrio or Coca and you can take a short flight to reach these gateways. The payoff is one if the most protected and most enriched areas of the Amazon Region. Here you will find the Huaorani Reserve where you can find out more about the local cultures. If nature tours like bird watching are at the top of your list, be sure to visit the Yasuni National Park where toucans, tanagers and macaws abound

Amazon Tours: Travel the rainforest with an Amazon lodge or cruise

You have two main ways of exploring the Amazon, you can choose to stay in an Amazon Ecolodge which you will often have to travel by boat to reach and use this as your base to explore the surrounding rainforest. Alternatively, you can opt for an Amazon river cruise, where you can navigate the waters and tributaries of the mighty river and sleep onboard in comfortable, sometimes even luxury cabins. Both Amazon Tour programs are designed to be interactive, are often inclusive of your meals and activities and led by qualified expert naturalist guides for a true learning experience.

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