To travel is to experience the world

And Boutique South America’s mission is to assist you to create a customised journey of the continent that is personal and meaningful.We want to empower you to create your own experience. How?

You have the ability to decide how you wish to discover different places.

You can choose which of our travel packages appeals to you and your preferred travel style. We’ve crafted all packages based on our knowledge of the continent, but want you to use view them as a framework, a bit of structure and a first impression. As you know what kind of experiences appeal to you better than we or any other travel agent ever will, we give you control about how you spend your time exploring. Select activities that are of interest to you based on a broad range of curated options.

You also have the luxury of time.

Because it’s simply impossible to unlock the hidden beauty and gems within the continent in only a couple of nights in each place or just the standard city tour. Flying in, taking a quick photo before speedily continuing on your whirlwind itinerary in not a recipe for depth on your adventure. If you want to understand, connect and really discover a different culture or new surroundings, the ingredient you can’t sacrifice is time, so we give you a balance of  planned activities and leisure time for yourself.

And most importantly, you have variety. 

Travel is not a one size fits all kind of product and that’s why we’re committed to offering the broadest range of tours in as many different places as possible. We don’t want you to miss out on participating in activities that could create lasting memories and transform your holiday into a once in a lifetime experience.




1. Explore our destinations to find an experience to the places you want to go.

2. Start personalising your packaged experience by working through the itinerary. You can choose how to explore different locations by deciding which excursions you wish to do and what travel style you prefer.

3. Create your account and process your deposit securely to start the booking process.

4. Your journey specialist will contact you to go over your desired trip and request all flight, hotel and tour arrangements. (The next business day.) You can ask any questions you have about the tour or the process.

5. Approve the final price once all arrangements are confirmed. (Approx. 1-2 business days.)

6. Finalise the booking by paying your balance. (Approx. 60 days prior to departure.)

7. Wait in anticipation for your Pre-Voyage Pack to arrive. (Approx. one month prior to departure.)

8. Enjoy your holiday!