Our Difference

The Boutique South America difference

Boutique South America is committed to empowering travellers with more choice about how to build their own incredible experiences. We believe in offering more excursions and possibilities in each place and educating people about more than just the standard tourist routes.

You can quickly and easily build a custom experience

Streamline the time you spend researching, planning and booking your travel arrangements by using our sophisticated website. Not only can you create a custom trip of the continent quickly and easily, but unlike hotel booking engines, you will be guided through the process each step of the way by an expert travel agent so you will not be booking blindly.

You will be guided through the process with expert assistance

Your dedicated specialist will ensure all is in order prior to requesting arrangements, will book relevant flights and recheck and reconfirm all is in order for you prior to departure. You also have the reassurance of experienced local guides and suppliers taking care of you on the ground, delivering your excursions and offering a helping hand if you need them.

Your packaged experience is balanced

All our packages have been specifically crafted to balance the time necessary to discover a destination whilst giving travellers enough leisure hours to relax, unwind and often explore on their own. Relaxed holidays are simply better and we advocate not rushing through the continent.

The final details are yours to design

These packages give you the framework, but the specifics are yours to design. You can select from a range of levels of ‘boutique style’ and concept hotels, all individually chosen for their focus on local design or style to enhance their experience of the local culture. And most importantly, each package allows you to ‘Travel on your terms,’ time that is yours to decide how to explore each place in a way that is meaningful for you.

You can rest assured you will be looked after

We vouch for the quality of hotels we select, often local and authentic hotels with an emphasis on location, as well as the guides and drivers that will look after you on the ground, as they’ve all been selected based on personal experience and recommendation and through reliable local suppliers.

We care about harnessing the power of travel

And by incorporating a forward thinking approach to Sustainable and Responsible Tourism through its promotion of Considered Travel, Boutique South America is paving the way as a specialist travel agency for the new age.