Where is Patagonia and how to get there?

Where is Patagonia and how to get there?

Where is Patagonia and how to get there?


You may have heard of this area in South America called Patagonia that so many people talk about but where is Patagonia, and exactly how do you get there? Read on to find out the best ways for travellers to reach Patagonia.

Traveler route - Patagonia. Photos from my successful set "Traveler's route". This time processing in vintage effects.

Traveler route – Patagonia. Photos from my successful set “Traveler’s route”. This time processing in vintage effects.

Where is Patagonia? 

Take a look at a map of South America and you can see the bulbous northern half of the continent, and the way it then tapers gradually down to a point. This section of tapering is called the “Southern Cone.”

The southernmost tip of this cone is occupied by the countries of Chile to the west and Argentina to the east. Stretching across both countries is the region called Patagonia.

The area of Patagonia covers land all the way to finish at the very bottom tip of the continent, including Tierra del Fuego.

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In Chile, the region known as Patagonia technically starts below the Villarica volcano in Chile. This covers regions such as Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, the Chilean Fjords, San Rafael Glacier, Chiloe, Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and of course Torres del Paine.  This regionis named after the natives Tehuelches who were called ‘Patagones’ by the Portuguese.

But where is Patagonia in Argentina? Anything south of the Rio Negro is considered to be Argentinean Patagonia right down to the very tip past Ushuaia. Patagonia Argentina includes Puerto Madryn, Trelew, Bariloche, El Calafate, El Chalten.

How to Get to Patagonia

Because Patagonia stretches across two countries, you have your choice of how to reach the region, depending on what you want to see and do.

To get to Argentinian Patagonia, you would fly into Buenos Aires and from there, take a flight to El Calafate, Ushuaia, Trelew depending on where you want to travel.

El Calafate Image

El Chalten

Explore El Calafate & El Chalten in Patagonia Argentina

For Chilean side of Patagonia, fly into Santiago, and from there take a flight to Punta Arenas and from there take a 3 hours or so road trip to Torres del Paine. You can also access Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile from Puerto Natales if you choose to board a ferry or cruise to this port.

Patagonia Chile Image

Patagonia Chile

For other destinations, fly into Puerto Montt to board cruises to the Chilean Fjords, San Rafael Glacier and catch a ferry to Chiloe Island.

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