Travel structure versus Holiday Spontaneity

Travel structure versus Holiday Spontaneity

Travel structure versus Holiday Spontaneity


It’s always a bit of a battle.

In one camp you have Structure.

Structure is the planner in all of us, the one who needs to research and read all the reviews, the one searching for the ‘perfect’ hotel to stay in based on parameters X, Y and Z.

That voice that says you’re not quite ready to make that decision yet, that you need to know more about the best way to see Machu Picchu or Iguazu Falls.

The need inside of us to feel safe and comfortable with our choices.


On the other side of the ring you have Spontaneity.

Spontaneity is everything Structure isn’t. It’s the desire to be free of any restrictions or rules.
Spontaneity is impulsive, untamed and in many ways uncontrollable.

Spontaneity doesn’t worry about plans, it’s focused on the present, what is happening right now in this very moment.

It’s the steak you taste in Buenos Aires or the Chilean wine you can’t forget about in the restaurant wandered into because you just had a ‘hunch’ about it. The painting you fall in love with from that little street market in Peru that you find a way to bring home with you even though your suitcase is already packed to the brim. It’s the people you meet along the way and connect with despite their limited English and your broken and very tenuous Spanish.

Any good travel experience contains differing amounts of structure and spontaneity and this will vary from person to person.

An independent tour gives you more choice about where and how to balance these opposing ideas of structure and spontaneity.


And as a journey specialist, I consider myself a full time tightrope walker between your travel desires and your travel needs.

Don’t tussle with your inner traveller more than you have to. See how you can work with us here

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