What’s your travel purpose?

What’s your travel purpose?

What’s your purpose when you travel?


What’s your purpose when you travel?

What’s the reason? What’s the point?

Sometimes there’s one main purpose behind the journey you want to take. At other times, there can be several.

Some people call this feeling the travel bug.

This burst of excitement you get whenever you come across pictures of that certain place. Articles or TV shows about it start to pop up in your life. You hear stories about this person’s trip to it and another friend comes back two weeks later with extraordinary tales of their own.

You’re being drawn to this place in a way you can’t explain. And there comes a point where you decide, it’s your turn to finally make the journey.

At times, your travel purpose seems obvious. Isn’t it just because you want to go and see a place like Machu Picchu or Iguazu Falls for yourself?

Others don’t really know what it is that makes them want to travel to somewhere in particular. All they know is that they just HAVE to go.

But usually there’s another level to understanding your travel purpose than what sits on the surface.

It’s about finding the source of the itch. Diagnosing the yearning behind your decision to travel.
Getting real about what you seek.

Getting to your WHY.

It is almost always about more than just the places you want to visit.

The ‘WHERE’ is only one part of the puzzle.

It’s often the ‘WHY’ that matters most.

What makes you want to explore?

Is it because you crave adventure? Or connection? Or escape and relaxation?

Or Is it restlessness? Boredom with your current routine?

Once you unlock your travel purpose, creating your ultimate trip just falls into place.

Deciding between a side trip to the Peruvian Amazon or a few extra days in Cuzco is easy. Choosing whether to upgrade your train to Machu Picchu or not becomes a no brainer.

That ‘Fear of Missing Out’ that often makes you want to cram another place into your multi-city itinerary starts to no longer feel relevant.

We can’t promise that every place you’ve ever heard of in South America is suited to your travel purpose.

But by helping you to unlock your travel purpose and build your South American journey around it, we can get you on your way to actually achieving it.

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