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Epic Atacama Desert Pics Proving It’s A Photographer’s Dream

The Atacama Desert is more than 100,000 km plateau and an expansive collection of awe-inspiring natural phenonomena that make it a photographer’s paradise.

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Astounding Alto Atacama Hotel Promo

Save up to US$750 off the ultimate desert experience with great new promo rates for five star Alto Atacama Hotel for 2017.

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Travelling to Atacama desert? Don’t miss these experiences

Spanning more than 1000 kilometres, the Atacama desert is the driest in the world and a must see travel spot in Chile. The landscape made up of salt flats, sands and geographic formations has been compared to Mars for its ‘out of this world’ looking landscapes.

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Best arid and desert experiences

If you think all deserts and arid climates are sand filled landscapes with not much for travellers to do except survive the suffocating heat, think again. These regions offer an incredible contrast in terms of scenery landscapes, geological formations and activities worth discovering.

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