Recipe for World Dulce De Leche Day

Recipe for World Dulce De Leche Day

Mum’s Easy Dulce de leche recipe


In honour of World Dulce de Leche day on the 11 of October, I thought it fitting to share a recipe for this incredible caramel filling that is unmistakably South American and that you would most likely come across during your travels there.

As a Chilean I never grew up with Dulce de Leche rather a caramel like substance called manjar (pronounced mun-hur) which I can confirm after visiting bakeries in Buenos Aires, is essentially the same thing. (Some people argue that dulce de leche is much silkier in texture, but from a taste perspective there is really not any difference.)

Dulce de leche is used throughout the many deserts you will find in South America, as a filling inside the famous alfajors or even as an ice cream flavour in Argentina, as well as many Chilean pastries including the famous Mil hoja cake (which translates to a thousand leaf cake.)

Now my mother used to make manjar every now and again when I was younger (but not too often because we would literally devour it in a couple of days.) Whilst she may not be happy I share this, I thought I had to after meeting so many people who had tried it and loved. The secret to making this gorgeous South American caramel is really way too simple for me to deny any sweet tooth or foodie.

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Alfjajor dessert with dulce de leche

Dulce de Leche Recipe

  1. Take one can of sweetened condensed milk and remove the label.
  2. Place the entire can in some boiling water in a saucepan and boil for approximately 1 hour.
  3. Remove and let cool and the insides should have transformed into an orangey-brown thick caramel like filling.

Use the dulce de leche in patries and toppings for sweets or even spread on bread like you would jam. This can should give you plenty of serves but be warned, dulce de leche can be very addictive.


Toast with dulce de leche caramel

By Katherine Garces,

Founder of Boutique South America

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