Facts on Machu Picchu Closing in 2016

Facts on Machu Picchu Closing in 2016

Facts on Machu Picchu Closing in 2016

Maintenance for Machu Picchu has now been completed for 2016 and all areas are open for travellers to explore. (updated 01 May 2016)

There has been a bit of talk around Machu Picchu and a closure in 2016 so we thought we’d take the opportunity to clarify the confusion for interested travellers. The ruins of Machu Picchu are not closing but two surrounding climbs travellers use to get a different view of the site will be closed in April 2016.

Wayna not Machu Picchu Closing

The Peruvian government recently announced a partial closure to two areas of the famous site of the ruins, during the month of April in 2016.

Wayna Picchu, sometimes referred to as Huayna (Quechuan spelling) is the incredible mountain in front of the Machu Picchu ruins that involves a steep climb to reach the top of.

The entrance and climb to Wayna Picchu will be closed from the 1st to the 15th of April 2016 in order to perform maintenance work.

The Entrance to the climb to Wayna Picchu is currently limited to 400 passengers per day, with entrances sold as an additional service on top of the regular entrance to the ruins. Currently there are two set times visitors can choose to enter Wayna Picchu, 0700 and 1000 are given 601 minutes to climb up to the top and back down.

Entrances to Wayna Picchu are required to be pre-purchased to avoid disappointment which is normally taken care of by tour and travel agencies. Entrances to Wayna Picchu will not be available to purchase electronically for the first half of the month of April.

Mountain Area of Machu Picchu Closing

Another area that some tourists sometimes climb to for a different vantage point, Machu Picchu Mountain (Cerro Machu Picchu) will also be closed in the second half of April 2016.

Entrance to the trail to climb Machu Picchu mountain must be pre-purchased and this is also restricted to 400 per day. This climb is not as well known as the ‘Young Mountain’ Wayna Picchu, the Machu Picchu Mountain climb can be a great alternative if Wayna Picchu entrances have sold out.

The Machu Picchu Mountain will be closed between the 16th and 30th of April 2016.

Machu Picchu ruins opening and closing details

During April 2016, normal access to the famous archaeological site of Machu Picchu will be available. Visiting and entering the site through the main entrance adjacent to the Sanctuary Lodge hotel will operate as normal, with entrances capped at 2500 per day and required to be pre-purchased before arrival.

The Machu Picchu ruins are open every day of the year from 6am to 5pm.

Pre-purchasing entrances to Machu Picchu and surrounds

Travellers are advised to pre-purchase their entrances to Machu Picchu, Wayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain, well in advance so as to avoid the disappointment of missing out.

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