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Where to Go for a South America Trekking Holiday

The cost of flights to South America can impact the overall cost of your trip greatly. Here’s how you can to save on international flights from Australia.

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Family Travel in South America: The Best Spots

Family Travel could be an excellent opportunity to explore the world and visit one of the most vast continents in the world: South America.

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Facts on Machu Picchu Closing in 2016

There has been a bit of talk around Machu Picchu and a closure in 2016 so we thought we’d take the opportunity to clarify the confusion for interested travellers.

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7 Facts About the Inca Trail You Need to Know Before Travelling

If you’re thinking of taking the longer journey to Machu Picchu, here are 7 inca trail facts you must know.

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8 Spectacular Facts About Machu Picchu for travellers

What makes the archaeological site of Machu Picchu a cannot-miss, must-see place for anyone with a thirst for travel experiences and a passion for exploration?

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Picture Perfect: The Best Photo Spots in South America

Photography and travel go together. Here are the places in South America you need to be sure you have your camera ready for.

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Top things to do in Peru

A visual tour through the best of Peru for travellers.

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