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South American Travel Secret: Pucon Chile

Pucon Chile is a hidden gem of South America Travel, offering adventure and scenery for travellers looking to get off the beaten track.

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Where is Easter Island and how to travel there

Where is Easter Island? Rapa Nui is not only an incredible iconic place but it is steeped, influenced strongly by Polynesian culture.

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Where is Patagonia and how to get there?

You may have heard of this area in South America called Patagonia that so many people talk about but where is Patagonia, and exactly how do you get there?

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Recipe for World Dulce De Leche Day

In honour of World Dulce de Leche day on the 11 of October, I thought it fitting to share a recipe for this incredible caramel filling that is unmistakably South American and that you would most likely come across during your travels there.

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Travelling to Atacama desert? Don’t miss these experiences

Spanning more than 1000 kilometres, the Atacama desert is the driest in the world and a must see travel spot in Chile. The landscape made up of salt flats, sands and geographic formations has been compared to Mars for its ‘out of this world’ looking landscapes.

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Travel to the Best Islands South America

Family Travel could be an excellent opportunity to explore the world and visit one of the most vast continents in the world: South America.

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Glamping in South America

Move over camping, the concept of glamping – that combines the idea of getting you closer to the beauty that nature has to offer with a more grown up style and in comfortable digs has arrived.

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5 of the Best Beaches in South America

Surf towns. Sleepy fishing villages. Remote getaways. Shimmering, sultry, beaches. Here are 5 of the best beach escapes in South America.

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Best Wine Regions in South America

Over the past few years, South American wines have captured the attention of even the most serious wine lovers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise given the fact that Jesuit missionaries brought with them grape stock from the Old World. On top of that, South America’s climate and geography makes grape growing and winemaking suitable.

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3 Must-Experience Festivals in South America

If you think all deserts and arid climates are sand filled landscapes with not much for travellers to do except survive the suffocating heat, think again. These regions offer an incredible contrast in terms of scenery landscapes, geological formations and activities worth discovering.

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