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What Brazil City Are You?

Brazil travellers get surprised on the depth and variety of Brazil cities. Here’s a quick quiz to find out which Brazil city you are most likely to enjoy.

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Interesting Things To Do in 9 Fascinating Brazil Cities

Nearly three quarters of Brazil’s enormous population live in cities. Here are the most interesting things to do in 9 of the best Brazil cities.

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3 key learnings from the Rio Olympics Brazil

As the world’s eyes are on Brazil for the Rio Olympics for the next couple of weeks, here’s what we think the world could take from this landmark event in South America.

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Chasing Waterfalls: 5 of South America’s Best Waterfalls for Travellers

Thundering falls and the natural beauty of running water is breathtaking. The best south america waterfalls are some of the most beautiful in the world.

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How it feels to celebrate Christmas in South America

How it feels to celebrate Christmas in South America Whilst in many ways celebrating Christmas in South America can be very similar to the way holiday festivities take place in the West, there are definitely some different traditions and spiritual distinctions. With Catholicism strongly entrenched throughout South America, historically brought with the Spanish and Portuguese […]

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20 Surprising Iguazu Falls Facts to Inspire your Travels

Iguazu Falls makes many people’s South America bucket lists – and why wouldn’t it? Here are some surprising Iguazu Falls Facts that will make you want to travel there.

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South America Travel Secret – Salvador Brazil

Salvador Brazil lies further north of the beaches and glamour of Rio de Janeiro of the bustling Sao Paulo and is one of the country’s best kept secrets.

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South America’s biggest city – São Paulo Brazil

Exploring the massive metropolis of Sao Paulo Brazil South America is known for its culture and history, but Sao Paulo, Brazil offers both mixed with everything you would expect of a world class modern city. Often overlooked in favour of beach destination Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo is the continent’s equivalent of Manhattan. At just […]

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Iguazu falls

Insider’s Travel to Iguassu or Iguazu Falls

If you love waterfalls, then you can’t go past Iguassu/ Iguazu Falls, a horseshoe shaped waterfall with an incredible & unusual location in South America.

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Rio de Janeiro Travel: Differences between Copacabana beach, Ipanema & Leblon

You may have heard of Copacabana Beach but what about the other famous beaches worth visiting on your RIo de Janeiro travel?

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