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6 Reasons Why You Need to Travel to the Bolivian Salt Flats

The Bolivian Salt Flats of Uyuni or (Salar de Uyuni) are one of the most magnificent places to visit in South America because of the amazing scenery.

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4 exciting Bolivia tours for your next great adventure

Bolivia is rich with history, tradition and striking scenery and here are 4 Bolivia tours for your next adventure.

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Top Travel Experiences in Bolivia

Travelling to Bolivia offers one of the most authentic experiences of South America. Here are some of the best things for travellers to do in Bolivia.

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Best arid and desert experiences

If you think all deserts and arid climates are sand filled landscapes with not much for travellers to do except survive the suffocating heat, think again. These regions offer an incredible contrast in terms of scenery landscapes, geological formations and activities worth discovering.

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