Beyond Group Tours of South America

Beyond Group Tours of South America

Or When Group Tours Go Bad…

“Let’s meet back at the bus in 10 minutes.”

Are you kidding? We just spent 3 hours driving through a maze of unrecognisable streets and foreign traffic to get here. We got up at 5am on our holidays to see this thing.

You try and push your way past the crowd in front of you. You make a bit of progress and before you know it, you’re smack bang in the throng of another 30 traveller size tour group.

You dodge your way through umpteen selfie sticks (Weren’t those things banned? They should be.)

Out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of the acclaimed statue. You manage to snap a hurried pic of it before clamouring back onto the bus.

You can’t help but feel agitated.

If you have to visit one more unmemorable cathedral you will probably scream.
Maree, who sits behind you and doesn’t appear to have any decibel control is briefing the unsuspecting passenger who ended up sitting next to her about her extensive list of past surgeries and ailments.

This isn’t how your holiday was supposed to be.

You wanted to explore a new continent, I mean really discover it.

To see as much as you could in the time you had of course, but you didn’t anticipate the amount of time you’d spend on the bus. Or how long you’d spend checking in and out of airports.

You don’t mind doing some of the touristy things. I mean, there’s a reason some things are popular after all.

But you weren’t expecting to feel so rushed. For everything to be so crowded. For your experience to be sooo impersonal.


And as much as you’ve only got a few weeks to see so much, surely an afternoon to have a bit of breathing space with partner and wander the streets of Buenos Aires on your own can’t be too much to ask?

Let’s face it, you’ve outgrown group tours.
You’re done with the routine and the roll call.

Of the endless stream of buffets and the herds of other nationalities you run into at every stop (each seemingly louder and more annoying than the previous one.)

Of visiting places just because everyone else seems to or it was part of the tour route.

I promise you it’s ok. The group travel treadmill is not for everyone. You really don’t have go through the ‘blink and I missed it’ whistlestop tour that feels like you’re being ferried through countries like cattle.

There is another way to travel.

Another way to explore where you don’t have to fit a ‘one size fits all tour.’ You can actually create your own.

Where you can visit the places you really want to, without wasting your precious holiday time on places you don’t.

Where you can discover on your own, and in your own timeframes but feel safe and supported and free all at the same time.

It’s time to go independent.

To pick Personalised Travel over mass tourism.

To connect with your destination in your own way.

To finally feel like the holiday you’re taking is truly yours.

And a continent as big and diverse as South America is perfect for personalised travel.

Where you can choose what countries to visit, what places to see and most importantly how you want to experience it.

Start travelling on your own terms today by chatting to a Journey Specialist.

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