4 exciting Bolivia tours for your next great adventure

4 exciting Bolivia tours for your next great adventure

4 Exciting Bolivia tours for your next great adventure


If ancient cultures in unique scenic locations inspire your wanderlust, a Bolivia travel experience may be just what you’re looking for. Despite being one of the smaller South American countries, Bolivia is rich with history, tradition and striking scenery. From the depths of Lake Titicaca to the enigmatic Salt Flats of Uyuni, here are 4 Bolivia travel highlights to consider for your next adventure.

4 Exciting Bolivia tours worthy of your next great adventure

Lake Titicaca: Mystery and scenery

The legend of Lake Titicaca attributes its creation to the Inca Sun God Inti, who cried tears for humans who were punished by another tribal deity, Apus. Located in the Andes, the lake now sits between the border of Peru and Bolivia, and at 3812 metres altitude at surface level, is the highest navigable lake in the world. Travelling across this lake as part of a day trip or as a scenic route between Puno (the lakeside city of Peru) and La Paz, the Bolivian capital. There are several islands you can also visit on Lake Titicaca, including Sun Island, Moon Island and even the floating islands of Uros where people live on reeds (this is on the Peru side but possible if you cross Lake Titicaca from Peru to Bolivia.)


Salt Flats of Uyuni: an unmissable Bolivia tour

A remarkable Bolivia travel attraction is undoubtedly the captivating Salt Flats of Uyuni. These vast sodium plains are home to incredible out of this world like scenery and desert colours. During the wet season (November to March) the water acts as a mirror to the desert sky for some unbelievable sights and photographs. You can reach Uyuni by flight from the capital La Paz or by road from Potosi. The Salt Flats are also rumoured to have inspired the famous surrealist paintings of Salvador Dali.


Discover Bolivia, the country in the clouds

Sucre and Potosi: Colonial city gems

A tour of Bolivia would not be in depth without paying homage to the country’s past by visiting some of the colonial cities, notably Potosi and Sucre. Sucre was the original capital of Bolivia and such is home to stunning colonial architecture and a pretty main square. Potosi is technically the world’s highest city and a remnant for silver mining. Since 1546, it has produced 60,000 tons of silver as a mining city which you can visit or just spend the time strolling the narrow streets while viewing nearby mansions and churches that are still in pristine condition.


In the footsteps of Che Guevara

General Che Guevara was an instrumental figure of the Cuban revolution and his impact on Latin American or even global politics and society in unmistakable. Bolivia was of course, where this historical figure lived the last years of his life before being captured and executed. This Bolivia tour starts in the city of Santa Cruz, travels into the Vallegrande village, the home of his final moments. Visit the Guerrero Museum, visit the spot in La Higuera where Guevara was shot and the rock he is believed to have leaned on in his final breaths for one of the unique Bolivia tours.


Explore La Paz and the Salt Flats of Uyuni in 5 days

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