Travelling Style

We all want a good quality hotel to rest in after a long day’s exploring, but what if you could add some authenticity and local character to your stay and make it exceptional and memorable?

Boutique hotels are designed to enhance the overall experience of your destination, often featuring local design influences and special touches. Usually smaller and offering more personalised service, boutique hotels deliver a different experience from your ‘standard four walls and a bed’ that you might find in a chain hotel anywhere else in the world.

And whilst boutique style encapsulates a sense of intimate glamour with luxurious high end hotels, this concept can extend all the way to up market bed and breakfasts whose commitment to customer care and interior design escalates their level of hospitality.

Your own personal travel style will vary according to the level of comfort you desire and we’ve categorised  our levels as such:

Platinum Level

A place to be pampered, offering exceptional lodgings, often ‘one of a kind’ type establishments with history and/or definitive setting with personalised service to match. For the elite traveller.

Gold Level

Enveloped in excellence with fabulous rooms, superior range of facilities within the hotel, a premium level of service and prized location. For those with great expectations.

Silver Level

Superior to standard, hotels at this level often feature comfortable and spacious rooms, upgraded facilities and inclusions as well as a great location. For travellers who value comfort.

Bronze Level

Cozy and comfortable, with an emphasis on location and value. These hotels are not ‘cheap,’ they are simply affordable whilst maintaining an expected standard for international travellers with a boutique twist.