What is Boutique Style?

What is ‘boutique’ when it comes to travel?

Just as you can shop in a department store that caters for the masses or buy from a smaller boutique/store that better matches your personal style, you have the same choice when deciding how to travel.

Boutique hotels are an alternative to mass, ‘stock standard’ accommodation, chain hotels that pride themselves on offering the same room and décor regardless of the location or local influences. By focussing on design elements, details and service, boutique hotels want your stay to be as impressive as the surrounding attractions, adding to your overall experience by reflecting the local style and flavour.

Often smaller in size or scope, these hotels focus on adding personal touches for your stay to exceed your expectations. With an emphasis on quality and style, the boutique approach redefines luxury by combining it with authenticity and local character.

Our experience has found boutique travel is best and thus have expanded this concept to encompass your entire journey. By focussing on many small details, all designed to make the most of your travelling experience, we create unforgettable memories that enrich and transform you.

So join us and ‘Take the road best travelled.’