Unique South American Tours

Travelling is so much more than a simple flight or accommodation booking.


It’s about capturing the essence of a place in an elegant and authentic way, transforming a visit into an unforgettable moment.
How this feels, sounds, smells and tastes is personal to each traveller and you should have the power to craft a meaningful holiday, quickly and easily.
Because the best kind of travel is always personal. 
That’s why we focus on providing travel solutions that are as individual as you are.
And as your journey starts long before you step on a plane, we offer different travel styles based on how you like to plan, research, book and experience your travel.


So tell us, what sort of traveller are you?






Benefits of booking with Boutique South America?

Here are just some of the reasons why.

Handpicked Activities and Hotels

You can feel confident when choosing from our range of hotels and activities in different places as each has been picked by a destination expert for their location or the value it adds to your discovery of each place.

Experential Approach

Be captivated as you travel through places by focussing on your experience of every part of South America. We prefer to use the terms ‘excursions’ or ‘activities’ instead of ‘tours’ to describe how you will learn and immerse yourself into each place. We believe that touching, doing, tasting and feeling add so much more to your travel than seeing alone.

The luxury of choice

You have the power to design a holiday based around the kind of traveller you are. You can often choose your excursions as part of our inclusive packages in pristine locations in our BIY range and decide at least one tour in most places in our Custom Packaged Experiences. And your Bespoke Journey is created around exactly the parameters you set for your holiday to South America.


Save time researching through forums and reviews when planning your trip with the best South America travel advice available on our InspireMe blog, the best travel experiences you can find as well as experts on hand to help you all in the one place.

Be Rewarded

You deserve to enjoy your travels so we give you some bonus gifts to make packing for your trip easier. Every booking receives a quality leather document holder and bonus luggage tag (No tacky plastic sleeves here.) If you choose a Custom Experience you will also receive a bonus stylish camera bag and Bespoke Travellers receive a larger weekender style day bag. More about your Voyage Pack

Considered Travel

By choosing Boutique South America for your travel arrangements you will also be directly contributing back to support local communities and environments through our partnership with GlobalGiving. More about our responsible tourism initiatives here.

Transparent Pricing

We charge in USD because our suppliers do, meaning you don’t lose cents per dollar converting back and forth and our rates are more stable. We’re upfront on bank charges – only $10 per person for BIY and our Custom Experiences or Bespoke Journey pricing is inclusive of bank fees so you get the full picture on your investment.

Find even more reasons to travel with Boutique South America here










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What Boutique South America travellers say about us: 

“It’s impossible to pick just one memorable moment, snorkelling with hammer head sharks in Galapagos, Peru & Iguassu Falls. Enjoyed the friendly people, excellent service throughout & overwhelming landscapes. I’d recommend Boutique South America for a well planned, independent holiday.’ Gai S., 56, New South Wales. 

“A highlight was hiking on Easter Island. South America was better than I expected and everything felt safe, clean and easy to negotiate. Wish we could have had more time.’ Susan R., New South Wales. 

 View the latest from the InspireMe Blog

The InspireMe Travel Blog is a premier South America Travel Blog for independent and luxury travellers. Updated weekly and written based on industry expertise, the InspireMe blog is filled with helpful destination advice about the different places to travel in South America as well as handy tips on how to make the most of your trip. Written with the Australian traveller in mind, the InspireMe blog values experience, activities and comfort and understands that many people have outgrown the idea of roughing it through the world and see travel as an investment, in themselves and for their lifetime.

The InspireMe travel blog is a central platform to deliver Boutique South America’s mission to inspire and educate people about the wonders of South America and move it higher up on the bucket list of Australian travellers.

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