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Get Boutique South America served up as an E Travel Brochure

Enjoying the website but prefer to peruse your South America tours in the one place?

You can now get your South America Travel Options available in one handy and interactive reference – the Boutique South America Travel E-Brochure.


Filled with great visuals, summaries of our diverse range of tour packages, country maps as well as the ins and outs of how Boutique South America can make your experience truly memorable. This 24 page Travel Brochure is also interactive making it a must for savvy, modern explorers looking for the ultimate South American adventure.


How is it interactive? As an E-Brochure, you can not just look through the tours, you can click on different parts to bring up even more information.


From the heights of Machu Picchu, the high altitude regions of La Paz, to the magnificent water feature that is Iguazu Falls and the depths of southern Patagonia. The South America Travel Brochure features tours of the most distinctive and wanderlust worthy places you will find in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile & Ecuador.  You can download your digital copy FREE today.

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