Why is ’boutique’ travel better?

Why is ’boutique’ travel better?

Why is ’boutique’ travel better?

That ’boutique concept’ seems to promising something sophisticated and unique but exactly why is ‘boutique’ when it comes to travel?

Just as you can shop in a department store that caters for the masses or buy from a smaller boutique/store that better matches your personal style, you have the same choice when deciding how to travel.

Ever been on a holiday where all the rooms were essentially the same even though you had travelled many miles, crossed different borders and changed time zones several times?

You want to absorb as much as you can when travelling, so it makes sense for your accommodation to reflect the local style and flavour.

Boutique hotels are an alternative to mass, ‘stock standard’ accommodation, focusing on design elements, details and service in order for your stay to be as impressive as their surrounding attractions.

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Often smaller in size or scope, the focus is on service and treating you as an individual by offering personal touches for your stay to exceed your expectations.

Emphasizing quality and style, this approach basically redefines luxury by combining it with authenticity and local character.

And this concept can be applied to more than just hotels. Boutique South America focuses providing a range of excursions, ‘authentic’ ways of discovering different places and on ‘personalisation’, giving you the power to create your own experiences for a truly memorable holiday.

Every detail is designed to make the most of your travelling experience. From using local suppliers to take care of you on the ground and expert guides that can share their unique insight on the places you visit.

So join us and ‘Take the road best travelled.’

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